I.D. Trading B.V.

Import and export of microfiber cleaning products

Leader in microfiber cleaning product since 27 years

Own manufacturing of products100% product knowledge


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In addition to private label, we also produce the following brands:

I.D. Trading B.V. specialized in the import and export of high-quality microfiber cleaning products.

I.D. Trading B.V. has built up a good relationship with her customers thanks to reliable service, fast delivery, attractive pricing and superior quality of all her products. Depending on the order, I.D. Trading B.V. supplies the products including your own logo, packaging and other customized solutions.

I.D. Trading B.V. exports and supplies microfiber cleaning products to companies in different lines though all of Europe and has been active since 1997. Through the years I.D. Trading B.V. has expanded her clientele in several lines, i.a. wholesale, cleaning companies, market, optics, supermarkets, car shops, carwashes, department stores, tanning studio’s, hospitality industries, street vendors, chain stores, homeparties, supermarket chains and independent retailers.

I.D. Trading B.V. manufactures microfiber clothes in her factory in Korea, where pay close attention to quality and product development. Clothes produced with  Korean microfiber are many times better than clothes made of microfiber produced in other Asian countries.

We are convinced we can build a succesful relationship with you in the world of microfiber cleaning products. Please don’t hesitate contacting us.

Microfiber cloths available


I.D. Trading B.V. serves a wide group of users of high-quality microfiber cloths.
Very competitive for the industrial sector and interesting for the consumer market.
With our own design agency, very flexible to realize a complete sales plan in collaboration with you. As a manufacturer of microfiber cloths, we produce at very attractive prices.

Large stock

± 1,000,000 cloths in stock

Bulk discounts

Buy more, save more!

Sharp prices

The best price/quality ratio guaranteed!

Private label microfiber cloths

With private label we offer the opportunity to market our high-quality products under your own brand name. With private label you can benefit from the quality and expertise of our products, while building your own brand identity. We work closely with you to meet your specific wishes and requirements, from product development to packaging and branding. With private label you can distinguish yourself in the market and offer a unique offer to your customers. Contact us for more information about the possibilities of private label. We look forward to working with you!

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